What is consulting?

Consulting (management consulting or strategic consulting) generally includes any form of advice in the business environment. As a consultant you are hired as a adviser by the client company. In principle, it is for the consultant to provide advice and recommendations based on research and analysis that will help improve client outcomes. Typical management consulting companies primarily focus on one or more functions and management levels. Some specialize in strategic management such as AT Kearney, BCG, McKinsey and Roland Berger, while others specialize in IT consultancy, for example Accenture or IBM.

What is interview and a casebook?

Case interviews are often favorite challenge for entry into counseling, which must be overcome by each candidate who wants to succeed. The candidate must demonstrate their ability to manage complex problems using a systematic and structured approach and come up with a practicable and meaningful solutions. To utilize this stage of the recruitment process as an opportunity, rather than a obstacle, it is advisable to work trough as much ‘casebooks’ as possible. Casebook contains practical examples of case studies along with their suggested solution

What education is advisable to have to succeed in consulting? Is economically related education a must?

Consulting companies mostly agree that to work in the field no particularly oriented knowledge is necesarry. Conversely, without refined analytical thinking and ability to learn, it is very difficult to land such a job.

What does consultant actually do and what does his working conditions look like?

The consultant usually works in a team on a contract for a client (usually large companies). For instance, he/she advises them on how to optimize internal processes, to restructure the company or whether the company should expand their portfolio and enter new markets. Often they spend a large part of the working week directly at the client site, in many cases, even abroad.

What does perfect job candidate should look like?

The candidate should manage complex problems using a systematic and structured approach to propose useful and meaningful solution to the proposed problem.

Who are the partners of Club 307?

Club is currently supported by three consulting companies

  • Arthur D. Little
  • A.T. Kearney,
  • The Boston Consulting Group,
  • Roland Berger GmbH,

and one career-advisory partner

  • Rozvojové a poradenské centrum VŠE.

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