Thin ice a.k.a. work conditions negotiation

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In today’s article Harvard professor discusses how to deal with some situations in negotiating better work conditions – whether the amount of the salary, signing bonus at the start, or the ability to amend the working time. Learn some great tips from Deepak Malhorta, how to establish the best negotiation position possible.

  1. Do not underestimate the importance of good first impression.
  2. Show why you deserve your requests.
  3. When negotiating before hiring, made it clear that you have interest in the company.
  4. Respect the conduct of a person who sits opposite you.
  5. Get ready for challenging questions such as: “Do you have another offer? Are we your top choice?”
  6. Intention of the questions is often more important than the question itself.
  7. Focus on the ‘big picture’.
  8. Negotiate simultaneously and not sequentially.
  9. Do not negotiate at any cost, just because you can.
  10. Concentrate on timing of the offers.
  11. Do not use any ultimatum.
  12. Do not worry.
  13. If you fail to get what you want, try again later, in more appropriate time.
  14. It is important to keep your distance and perspective.

Good Luck 🙂