Club 307 is a student organisation providing a platform for ambitious students willing to enter the management consulting world.
We are here to help you succeed on your way to management consulting.
Club 307 offers a unique opportunity to talented students to get to know our partner firms from the inside out via on-site workshops, networking events, team building activities, and much more.

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Intensive Part

  • Workshops

    During our innovative workshops, our partner firms will reveal the secrets of the consulting world.

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    Each Thursday our team will stand ready to help you practice case studies and prepare for a real interviews efficiently.

  • Exclusive events

    We organise exclusive events including special parties and team building activities.

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    Most importantly, you will meet like-minded students from different academic backgrounds.

Registration for Intensive part 2021/22 is now closed.

The next opportunity to join the club will be available in September 2022.

We cooperate with the top management consulting firms in the Czech Republic


Questions & Answers

Consulting (management consulting or strategic consulting) generally includes any form of advice in the business environment. As a consultant you are hired as an adviser by the client company. In principle, it is for the consultant to provide advice and recommendations based on research and analysis that will help improve client outcomes.


Even though the Intensive Part of Club 307 involves only a few selected candidates, we do not underestimate the value of networking. This is why, in its eight year long history, Club 307 managed to establish an alumni network of over 200 graduates.

The main mission of this vibrant network is to mentor newly admitted members via career advice, motivation and case interviews.

Our members keep in touch mainly through social events organised by Club 307 via our Alumni group on Facebook.

In order to provide our partners with more hands-on and organic contact, we produce an alumni book each year. Which is just a little taste of one of the ways Club 307 is able to make its members visible to partner companies and help them make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Leadership team


Kateřina Kleinová


Anežka Kuncová


Dita Janáčková

Alumni mentors


Max Palko

is a chef in his own kitchen



Jakub Šedivý

is a whitewater kayaker



Marek Paris

is a board game geek



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